Performance Curator: David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

Best known for his visual art translations, David Rodriguez (aka Dr Gorilla) has made an incredible impact with dynamic paintings that are filled with thought provoking messages. He has a gift for sharing relational topics and spiritual matters through his live interpretive performance paintings.

Whether his live paintings accompany music, dance or spoken presentations, his approach generally begins with thorough research and alignment to the content he wishes to compliment. He uses this understanding to then create a piece that combines an illustrator’s method of storytelling with the delivery of traditional fine arts.

David has created live interpretive paintings for thought speakers, successful entrepreneurs, church leaders and a variety of performers. His artistry has been experienced by a diverse collective of business organizations, performances and churches throughout the U.S., including TEDxSMU, Samsung, a number of times for Bishop T.D. Jakes (once specifically with Oprah Winfrey in attendance), John Deere, Erykah Badu, Life Way, Daystar Television, Halftime with Bob Buford, Leadership Network and Dr. Pepper, amongst others.

David travels the country as a professional scribe and consultant and is the former co-founder of the grassroots arts organization, Art Love Magic. He now produces events as Dr Gorilla Studios and also in partnership with organizations around the Dallas Fort Worth area.